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Who Is Shawn Rhodes, And What Does He Do? Let’s hear what INC had to say …


Shawn Rhodes, a former combat correspondent with the Second Marine Division turned TEDx speaker and management consultant … was responsible for embedding with Marine Corps units and sharing their stories from more than two dozen countries across two combat tours. Now he works with companies to implement the same skill set that Marines use on the battlefield.” – Kate Harrison, INC.

For more than 15 years, Shawn Rhodes, president of Shoshin Consulting, studied how the highest-performing organizations in more than two dozen countries implemented their plans. Today, he accelerates results of organizations like Deloitte, ConAgra, and Serta-Sealy among scores of others.

Our work at Shoshin Consulting is highly collaborative, involving every level of our client’s organizations. From the executive suite down to employees in the field, we’re dedicated to developing top-down and bottom-up results in our client’s companies. Engagements usually last between three and six months, implementing specific objectives that contribute to the ROI of our client’s organizations.

The foundation of what we create with clients was born on battlefields around the world – where achieving a mission meant the difference between life and death. Not achieving your business goals can mean the life and death of your organization. Instead of implementing complicated software or striving for a Six-Sigma standard deviation, we rely on the existing wisdom of your people to build the fastest path to achieving your objectives.

Our Mission: To help leaders create the highest-performing organizations possible. We do that through helping our clients-



Execution is vital for your organization’s success, but how vital? It’s a fact – according to the Harvard Business Journal, you’re likely only getting 63% of the profitability you could in your business. Why? There’s a gap between your strategy and the goals your employees are achieving. Our methods have shown a cost reduction of 24% in improved execution.


Each of the large companies that failed in the last decades believed last year’s way of doing business was enough to ensure their survival. Time, the economy and their competitors proved them wrong. An organization that can’t rapidly respond to changes, or pivot, is destined to be overtaken by those that can. Instead of scrambling to put out fires and deal with unexpected change, let us show you how our clients have received a 37% reduction from their former project completion times.


Taking the time to do this means the difference between repeating the same mistakes/settling for mediocre success or experiencing drastic improvement. More importantly, it means having a process that is consistently used across all departments and shared across your organization – a process that ensures you rocket past competitors who never learn from their wins or losses.

We do that through building process and performance improvement programs, customized workshops and the best keynote programs in the world.

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Shawn Has Been Recognized By/Published In:

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Hire Shawn As Your Speaker

View Shawn’s TEDx Presentation:
The Enso Effect: Turning A Mission Into A Movement

To book Shawn for your event, start the conversation by contacting

In a world where clients have speaker choices, the competitive edge goes to speakers who can inspire and influence their audiences to action. Working with businesses ranging from sole proprietors to the largest corporations in the world, Shawn Rhodes delivers formidable results by training organizations to have the most passionate employees on the planet. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Lou Kornet, Chief Of Staff of the Paperboard Packaging Council, had to say about Shawn’s recent keynote:

As one of the top 20 public speakers in the world in 2014, Shawn has proven that his methods work to capture the minds and hearts of audiences.  Using keynotes, workshops and interactive programs on national and international stages, Shawn teaches methods no other speaker offers – the same skills used on battlefields to inspire people to massive action. That begins with filling the seats in the room and engaging audiences every minute of the presentation. Here’s what Mike McNally, Director of the Vinoy Business Alliance, had to say about Shawn doing just that:

If your audience is made up of business professionals, you need a speaker who can address their concerns and speak their language. Here’s what Laura Cruz, director of the I3 Conference at Tennessee Technical University, had to say about Shawn accomplishing that objective:

“Shawn was awesome and amazing! Easily the best speaker we’ve ever had! He boiled life and success down to the basics and engaged our audience in the process of realizing their greatest potential, personally and professionally.”
-Todd Maddex, CEO, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions

Honored To Have Presented At/Consulted:

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“Shawn Rhodes is an inspiring, motivational and stirring speaker.  He speaks from experience … you’ll walk away with a real can-do attitude where nothing will be too much of a hill to climb.  Book him to speak to your organization ASAP.  You’ll be very glad you did.”
-Tom Dulaney, Kiwanis International

To get a feel for how Shawn engages and inspires from the stage, we’re offering a 45-minute session that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Shawn’s keynote. Enter your email and receive it today!:

Shawn’s programs have helped clients achieve real results in their professional lives:

“You have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE in creating awareness about our need to foster a culture of positivity and influence inside this agency. I want to personally thank you for the efforts you’ve made to put your creativity, passion and time into making this a better place for all of us to work … I even share the concepts you’ve taught us with my colleagues in other companies. 
THANK YOU for all you have done to accelerate the growth of the people here.  We will be a greater company because of your impact.”
-Karyn Roeling, CEO, Seibert Insurance Agency

“It was a great pleasure to be able to work with Shawn.  Not only is he a highly impactful speaker, he is a humble leader in many respects.  He has the gift of inspiration and is truly capable of influencing crowds through his message. “
-Kesia Engel, Shriner’s Hospital For Children
“Dynamic and provided our team with many new ideas and ways to approach our clients and prospects.  The feedback from my team was, ‘We want more training from Shawn!’  Definitely an energizing seminar that couldn’t get any better.”
-Shane O’Neil, Senior Director, Savalls Studley

 To discuss your event’s needs and how Shoshin Consulting can tailor a program to reach your goals, contact

Shawn Rhodes


Shawn-HS-2015-6smallerShawn Rhodes is an international expert in dramatically improving the performance and profitability of organizations. His two degrees, international study of organizational execution on-site in more than two dozen countries and multiple combat deployments as a Marine Corps War Correspondent prepared him for the battlefield of business. As president and founder of Shoshin Consulting, Shawn has consulted organizations ranging from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to tech start-ups. In 2014, Shawn was named one of the top 20 public speakers in the world by Toastmasters International. In addition to his hundreds of published articles, videos, nationally-syndicated business column, podcasts and TEDx talk, Shawn and his work has been featured in TIME, CNN, NBC and hundreds of media outlets around the world.

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What’s Shawn’s History?  Watch To Find Out!

Shawn’s Story And The Founding Of Shoshin Consulting


Pivot Point: The Book

Just Released:
Pivot Point: Turn On A Dime Without Sacrificing Results
Shawn Rhodes
Pivot Point: Turn On A Dime Without Sacriifing Results

In business, the best plans never work out as planned. In Pivot Point, award-winning Marine Corps war correspondent Shawn Rhodes shows how organizations can turn on a dime and still achieve their goals. Using the same methods high-performing teams employ in the most challenging environments on the planet, Pivot Point guides organizations to create bulletproof businesses that can leverage change without sacrificing results. Told in a narrative style reminiscent of Patrick Lencioni, Pivot Point is a powerful tool in the hands of business leaders seeking to improve the performance and profitability of their teams. Using stories and lessons Shawn uncovered on battlefields and in the largest companies on the planet, he shares how to succeed in constantly-changing business environments.

What are others saying about Pivot Point?

“Shawn contributes his vast experience and intellect accumulated and refined over years of helping businesses succeed to the principles outlined in Pivot Point. This book describes a process that will help your company perform at a higher level regardless of where you are now. Shawn uses an engaging story form to communicate the methodology and demonstrate how it works in application. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in performing better in their job or in their business.” ~ Russel Barnes, CEO Systro Consulting

“This book got me back to basics. Clear, concise, and relevant. All businesses reach Pivot Points. Thanks to Shawn Rhodes for helping me recognize ours. I highly recommend this book to business leaders everywhere.” ~ John Krotec, CEO Greenzone Hero

“If you want a practical and insightful map to “pivot” in your company, Pivot Point is it. Shawn Rhodes shares great stories and examples of how to implement his strategies in your organization.” ~Mary Key, Ph.D.
Author of CEO Roadrules

“How do businesses thrive in spite of unexpected change?  We have already learned Six Sigma, Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, and a dozen of other methodologies.  What makes Pivot Point both necessary and timely?

Pivot Point amplifies the results of successful methodologies and addresses head-on the shortcomings of most modern management practices – practices that too often result in substandard performance and failing companies.  This is not a theoretical book about teamwork: the message is loaded with real-world insight and implementable strategies. If you are in charge of a large organization or single-operator company – you will learn a practical and effective methodology to increase your revenues, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.” ~Yuval Lirov, CEO Espoc

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Media Appearances

INC. Feature: How Thinking Like a Marine Can Help You Succeed in Business

The following was published in INC, and features Shawn’s insight into building a high-performance culture in organizations. From fighting in the deserts of Iraq to the jungles of the South Pacific, the Marines have set themselves apart as one of the world’s top-performing military organizations. And, it turns out, the Marine Corps has a lot […]

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Business Journal Feature: How to turn strategies into results

The following was published in Shawn’s weekly syndicated column with The Business Journals. In 2015, companies spent 449 Billion dollars on consulting, much of it developing strategic plans. For a majority of those companies, it was a waste of money. In a study of more than a thousand companies in 50 countries, employees at three […]

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Business Journal Feature: How to survive (and thrive) from constant consolidation

The following was published in Shawn’s weekly syndicated column with The Business Journals. In a study of more than a thousand companies, researchers found that if a company doesn’t consolidate it will eventually disappear. Whether your business is expanding or consolidating, you’ll eventually have to do more with less if you want to survive. Most […]

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Business Journal Feature: The problem that’s killing companies

The following was published in Shawn’s weekly syndicated column with The Business Journals. There’s one thing every company is hurting for. It isn’t operating capital. It isn’t new clients. And it isn’t talented employees. It’s time — the one thing all businesses have equal shares of, whether they’re running a vegetable stand in the Middle […]

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Shawn Rhodes Featured On Radio

In case you missed it, Shoshin Consulting’s founder Shawn Rhodes was featured on the Jamie Meloni Radio Show, talking about how he helps companies turn their missions into movements! Check out to the full interview here:

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