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What Makes Us Different?

Posted on 05 Dec 2016 Comments Off on What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Shoshin Consulting Different?

If you’re a leader in business, you’ve no doubt heard horror stories about consulting firms. Maybe you’ve used them yourself and weren’t happy with the results. You deserve to know what you’re getting with Shoshin, so here’s what makes us different:

Servant-First, Consultant Second:

While many consulting firms are focused on delivery, Shoshin Consulting enters into a servant role for our clients. The question we ask ourselves is never: ‘How can I get the client dependent on me?’ but rather, ‘Given what I know about your organization, how can I provide the most value?’ Emphasis is always on going deep into a client’s organization to tailor solutions specifically for our clients’ unique needs.


At Shoshin Consulting, we place our focus on how we can strategically benefit our clients. This means we leave the tactical implementation of our solutions to the experts – our client’s managers and line supervisors. We leveraging our consultant’s time where it will have the greatest effect – providing long-term solutions for our clients.

Sustained Partnerships:

Instead of focusing on delivering binders of recommendations like many consulting firms,  Shoshin Consulting  develops sustained, relationship-based presences within our client’s organizations as advisors. Additionally, we continually look for ways to benefit our client’s strategic directives. In this way, we continue to find ways to compound the value we can offer to our clients.

Focused On Client ROI:

Shoshin Consulting understands our methodologies don’t matter as much to our clients as the results we help them achieve. Because we’re in business too, we know our clients are primarily focused on ROI for their organization. We measure the effect of every one of our engagements in ROI for our clients and provide tailored solutions with client ROI as our primary focus.


Rather than aim for an annual goal of X-number of engagements a year in a wide-and-shallow business model, Shoshin Consulting focuses on serving a smaller number of clients in a more-focused and deeper model  by serving fewer clients and delivering greater results.

What Most Consulting Firms Do For Their Clients:

Can bring in Industry Experts

Produce lengthy analysis on entire organization

Limited as to size of company they will work with

Do not focus on lasting change/no implementation follow-up

Focused on providing superior knowledge base

Produce solutions based on current industry practices

What Shoshin Does For Our Clients:

Tap into existing expertise in client’s organization

Able to analyze critical issues to determine areas for improvement

Flexible as to company size/number of employees

Focus on producing lasting change in our client’s organization

Able to effectively translate insights and ideas into needed change

Produce customized solutions clients are able to immediately implement