Shawn Rhodes In The News

In addition to being featured in TIME, INC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CNN, Shawn is also a nationally-syndicated columnist with the Business Journals.

Do Millennials Prefer Corporate Jobs to Freelancing?
Marissa Peretz, FORBES

We have all heard that millennials vastly prefer freelancing to corporate jobs. However, almost two thirds of millennials instead prefer the stability of corporate jobs according to a recent Deloitte survey. Can a corporate job lead to a dream career? What are the benefits of choosing a corporate job instead of freelancing? Is it selling out? Or a career strategy …

How Thinking Like a Marine Can Help You Succeed in Business
Kate Harrison, INC

Four tips from the battlefield that can help any leader boost their company’s effectiveness.

From fighting in the deserts of Iraq to the jungles of the South Pacific, the Marines have set themselves apart as one of the world’s top-performing military organizations. And, it turns out, the Marine Corps has a lot in common with high-performing …

What to do when great isn’t good enough
-The Business Journals

Running a successful organization used to be simple — leaders created solutions, met client needs and turned a profit. However, in the future that won’t be enough.

In organizations I’ve studied around the world, a pattern consistently plays out …

How to run a meeting like the Secretary of Defense
-The Business Journals

If you’ve been watching the news, you know one of the current administration’s most popular cabinet picks is former Gen. James Mattis, affectionately referred to by Marines as Mad Dog Mattis and the warrior monk.

And unlike most business leaders, Secretary Mattis knows how to run meetings efficiently …