Shoshin Consulting delivers high-quality programs to individuals that give them the confidence to share their mission with the world, whether in life or business.  The result is the courage to lead and influence others to action.

Professional coaching with Shoshin Consulting is designed not to just give people the competitive edge, but transform the way they approach their lives.  It’s a great opportunity to take the reins of  any organization and delve into what makes you passionate, purposeful, and excited about your organization’s mission.  A program can be crafted to meet your individual needs and can be conducted in personal meetings, phone calls, or even online.

For two decades, Shawn has worked with students, teachers, parents, professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs to define their own versions of success and then put a results-oriented plan into action to share that passion with the world.

The benefits people have experienced from coaching with Shoshin Consulting include:

    • Finding work that they can be passionate about, resulting in increased revenues
    • Linking self-improvement with success to transform their careers and raise their income
    • Skyrocket effectiveness by strategically mapping out their time
    • Save resources by identifying processes costing their organizations time and money
    • Perform better in sports, martial arts, music and presentations, increasing results.
    • Gain the self-confidence that defines success
    • Increased clarity and focus from meditative practices.
    • Connection with a spiritual path uniquely their own.

 Ready to take the next step? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute session!

During this 30-minute no-obligation chat, we will talk about your life and business. We’ll look at the walls you’re hitting personally and professionally, and make a plan of action for you to get around – or break through them.  

This session is at no cost to you. Gratis. But you need to be conscious of and clear about the purpose of why we’re on the phone.  You and I are going to get crystal clear about what you need and then we’ll examine the best steps to take in order to bring influence – and inspiration – into your life.  Understand – this is NOT a ‘Free Coaching Session.’

To move forward:

•Reach out at and let me know what’s on your mind

•We’ll pick a time that’s convenient for both of us to chat

•We’ll spend 30 minutes digging into what’s going on in your life and business

•On the call we’ll discover what challenges are holding you back from creating a life of influence

•If it’s clear I can help you create that life, we’ll talk about next steps of working with me

•If you like it and we align, then get ready to begin your journey!